Hi friends! I’m Casey. And this is probably the hardest thing I’ll ever write on this blog – the “About Me.” Also, I rarely take photos by myself, so enjoy this one. I’m a wife, a mommy to our precious daughter, Quinn, and our pup, Griffin, an operations/marketing director for a mental health non-profit, a USC graduate (Fight On!) and a transplant to Houston from Southern California. I like fancy coffee/tea drinks (vanilla lattes and matcha lattes, as of late), travel photography, pretty much any dessert and, oh yes, writing!

I love how the written word can so deeply connect to our soul. Writing has always helped me process my deepest feelings and even experience togetherness with others, whether a friend or a complete stranger. My prayer is that Ponder with Pru will be just that. I believe two of the most powerful words are "me too."  So, I pray that you will leave encouraged and with a firm understanding that you are not alone…in your suffering, your joys and your experiences.